Originally from Brazil, I made the United States my home.

I was shocked to see so many people overweight and suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.

It  also surprised me to discover how many people were following diets and complicated nutritional regimes.

Here we are bombarded with a tremendous amount of information about what to eat and why. Most of the information is confusing and contradicting.

In Brazil, we have different healthier habits!

Our culture believes in starting the day with a healthy juice full of fiber and enzymes.

Brazilians have been drinking green juice forever. Even before they became popular in America.

These juices changed my life and I want to share this fantastic experience with the world…


We want to take care of people’s well-being and value what the world has the best: NATURE.

We offer practical solutions for busy people to live better, longer and happier, producing “Nutrition on the go”.

We produce and bring to people the best fresh juices with simple & practical packaging, consciously.


100% natural, vegan, non-GMO and no added sweeteners

Our juices are a combination of vegetables, fruits and a full gram of magnesium, to achieve a perfect balance of nutrition, hydration and delicious flavor.

We blend our juices in small batches to keep all the nutrients, all the enzymes and best of all… the fiber. All the ingredients are fresh and raw.

The perfect drink to start your day…every day!


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